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The entrance to the theatre on Main Street at dusk. The marquee lights are on!
Photo credit: Stephanie Klavens, 1999.
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A side view of the lobby and concession area. The theatre entrance would be to your left. The lobby boasts a beautiful art deco styled marble water drinking fountain, which you can see to the left center of this photo. Above the fountain is a mirror with a lighted sconce on either side.
Photo credit: John Mainka Photography

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An interior wall of the auditorium. Art Deco patterns wherever you look!

The hanging light fixtures are actually a 3 tiered fixture made of milkglass. The top tier being amber in color, the middle section is red, and the bottom tier is blue.
Photo credit: John Mainka Photography
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 Here is an auditorium proscenium and stage photo. Notice the beautiful deco grillework on the ceiling and above the exit door to the left of the stage.
Photo credit: John Mainka Photography
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This photo appeared in Mid-Atlantic Country Magazine in January,1995. The Roxy still requires the wearing of traditional uniforms, keeping with the period look and feel of the theatre.
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Photo credit: Michael Bryant, Mid-Atlantic Country Magazine, 1995


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Inside are photos, newsclippings, live show ads and other memorabilia from our rich past.

Feel free to browse through it, although we need to caution you about handling this album. It's very old and brittle, so PLEASE be gentle when turning the pages, as they have a tendency to tear easily


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"Whether we went to the movies downtown, crosstown, or just around the corner, the journey was filled with great expectations of a visit to the land of Oz."

-from the book "Ticket To Paradise"
by John Margolies & Emily Gwathmey

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