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Lehigh Valley Magazine Features Roxy Theatre

Best of the Valley 2007 -
Category: Independent Movie Theatre

(as seen in July/August 2007 Lehigh Valley Magazine)

Even though this old-time movie theatre celebrated its 37th anniversary on June 1, its traditions are still alive. A uniformed staff and a tuxedo-clad owner add to the theatre's original aesthetics. "The show starts on the sidewalk," with exterior animation and bright lights that lure people inside. Stage curtains hang in front of the big screen, and tickets for all ages cost two dollars for matinees and three dollars for evening shows. The Roxy also hosts live shows, concerts, and plays.

(Webmaster's note: This article had a few errors in the orignal article, however we'll correct them here for the sake of authenticity. Corrections are: 37th Anniversary is Richard Wolfe's anniversary of being the owner, not the actual anniversary of the theatre. The theatre's 75th Anniversary will be in 2008. Also, corrected spelling of the word "theatre".)


USA Today Features Roxy Theatre, Friday Nov. 23, 2001

10 great places to see a classic cinema
(as seen in Nov 23rd, 2001 USA Today)
Multiplexes may draw most moviegoers this holiday weekend, but savvy popcorn munchers know there's more to the magic of watching a good film than stadium seating and fancy drink holders. And while many of the USA's historic movie palaces already have fallen to wrecking balls, hundreds more still are entrancing audiences. Ross Melnick and Patrick Crowley, founders of the Web site Cinema Treasures (www.cinematreasures.org), lead USA TODAY's Laura Bly behind the velvet curtains to some of their favorites:

Roxy Theater
Northampton, Pa.
Originally opened in 1921 as the Lyric, this theater was renovated in 1933 in the tremendously popular art deco style - and renamed The Roxy after the famous New York City theater and it's namesake showman Samuel "Roxy" Rothapfel. Today, as the city's only commercial theater, "the Roxy continues to be the greatest show in town," presenting both Hollywood favorites and live entertainment.

(Webmaster's note: This article had other theatres listed also, however we edited the article for Northampton, PA interests.)

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"The lights buzzing on the underside of the marquee, when they were on, enveloped the passerby in a warm, glowing field. People going past the theatrer, even in the daytime, got a whiff of vintage celluloid, and at night it was intoxicating."...Christopher Gray, "Marquee's Lights are Dark on 1914 Nickelodeon." The New York Times
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