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How long have YOU been coming to the ROXY?

Since you were little?
Practically grew up here?
New in town and have never been to our theatre?

No matter how many times you've visited the ROXY, we're very glad you're here! And if there's anything we can help you with while you're in the theatre, please don't hesitate to ask!

There are lots of things to do on our site. You can visit our Movies page for details on what's playing, future shows and get showtimes and ticket prices. Or read about the history of the ROXY and check out some great photos! We even have a variety of gifts related to our theatre!

And when you're finished looking over the website.....c'mon down to the ROXY and see a show! (We'll tell you how to get here.) And while you're there, stop by the manager's office and say hello. (Tell him the website sent ya!)

If you need to get in touch with us for any reason, or have any comments about the site or the theatre, feel free to email us.

After all, we couldn't do it without you!

"The movie theater is unique, for unlike any other building, it is designed to house some of the greatest products of the imagination -- our passions, hopes, and fears.

A theater has a personality and life all its own; a sense of excitement lures us to the blaze of electric bulbs along the Marquee, to the enticing posters outside the lobby.

And when the curtains part, our window upon the universe opens wide, and the heart begins to beat a little faster..."

-- Brett Anderson
"Theo Kalomirakis' Private Theaters"



"Don't give the people what they want--
give them something better."

...Samuel "ROXY" Rothafel

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